A Spanish Immersion Early School for children in San Francisco.

Our goal at Banana Fana Preschool is to prepare children for the next stage of their lives through the development of motor abilities, thinking skills and healthy interactions with their peers. Keep reading to learn more!



Established 2016

Banana Fana Preschool was created in May 2016 when their first born was only 15 m0nths old and a few years later our family, community and school has grown! 

Why "Banana Fana" as the school name? Gloria was inspired to launch her own in-home preschool out of her desire to build a career that allows her more time to be with her son, Isaiah and to create more little leaders for our society.  As such, Gloria wanted a name that is also inspired by Isaiah. When he was born, Gloria and her husband Dickmar would sing The Name Game to their son ("Isaiah, Isaiah, bo-baya, Banana-fana -fo-fayah, Fee-fy-mo-mayah, Isaiah!"). Til this day, Gloria &  Dickmar call Isaiah their "Isaiah Bobaya", and thus Banana Fana was born. Today, during circle time, Gloria and her students sing The Name Game and it is proven to make every child smile.

As parents, Gloria & Dickmar  believe children should think, reason,  question and experiment. These are just a few of the skills and qualities that children will develop at Banana Fana Preschool. Since our founding, we’ve focused on supporting kids during all transitions throughout early childhood years. 

Banana Fana Preschool is licensed for 14 children!

License number: 384004118




Unique and Valuable to Allow Explore Curiosities

Children at Banana Fana are able to learn through direct, hands-on experiences with people, objects, events, and ideas in Spanish and English. They impact their own learning by interacting with different materials, each other, and the teachers. We believe that with cooperative play and creative activities, kids reach their social, emotional and physical milestones naturally and with ease. Our teachers offer emotional and intellectual support to the students, but also allow children to make and pursue their own decisions. Teachers thus expand children’s thinking with diverse materials in the classroom and nurturing interactions. We help children become more independent, responsible, and confident. This helps them to be ready for school and ready for life.

Banana Fana Preschool is where young children will get the tools and support they need for their healthy development. We carefully design our activities to adequately nurture the emotional, intellectual and physical growth of our students. We provide lots hands-on learning opportunities, children are free and encouraged to explore their curiosity.


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What You Need

In the Playground



          Here For You

An important component in our program is preparing our students for school readiness and it starts with social-emotional needs in preschool. Preschool social-emotional skills include being able to get along and cooperate with others, focus attention, manage strong feelings, and persist at challenging tasks. These skills deserve focused attention during the preschool years because they are critical for long-term school and life success.


 No matter what your child needs, our program will provide the support and tools necessary for optimal growth.

We have a beautiful backyard with an amazing amount of space that allows our children to run, skip and jump! Outdoor playtime is a very important part at Banana Fana where children spend about 2 hours of their day.

Banana Fana Preschool has relocated to Oceanview/Ingleside neighborhood as of May 2019. We have a generous amount of space which allows our students to choose where they would like to learn and play. There are a few rooms in our home where we have thoughtfully laid out materials for our program.

When you enter through the side door our first room dedicated for our students is our “Dramatic play area”. In this area children can whip up amazing dishes and learn how to grocery shop! Math and social skills are key in this area but there is also an area for the children to read and play.

Our second room is our “play room” where we have our manipulative toys, art station, private area and blocks. Children can build cities with our large train tracks, build castles with our magnatiles, or they can relax in our reading nook. Their imagination will allow them to learn and grow.

Our final room is our special infant nap room where we will have 2-3 infants napping peacefully.


A Perfect Fit



Learning a New Language

Research shows that young children are uniquely suited to learning a second language and there are many developmental benefits that arise from learning language at a young age. Gloria wants her children, Isaiah and Jeremiah, to grow up speaking both Spanish and English. As such, she has designed her curriculum at Banana Fana to involve a mix of English and Spanish language and provides opportunities for all the children to learn and engage with Spanish. For children who are already exposed to Spanish, Gloria and her team speak Spanish about 90-100% of the time with those children. For children who are not previously exposed to Spanish, Gloria starts off with Spanish yet translating in English. Once the children have been exposed to the Spanish language more, she and her team speak "El Español" to the students . Gloria is passionate about the Latin Culture and music. At Banana Fana, children are exposed to the Spanish language through "musica" throughout the day and they sing and dance while hearing great Spanish nursery rhymes.


Who We Are

Meet Our Director



Owner & Director and Co-Director/Teacher

Gloria and Dickmar have two boys that also keep them very busy and they are the reason why Banana Fana was created 2016. 


Gloria is a San Francisco Native who was born and raised in the Ocean View neighborhood. She received her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology with a Minor in Criminal Justice from San Francisco State University. She has also completed some courses in Early Child Education From City College of San Francisco and is actively and currently working towards getting her Preschool Director Permit from CCSF. If everything goes "as planned" she will complete it by summer of 2021.  In addition to caring for her own sons , Isaiah and Jeremiah, Gloria has over ten years of experience in caring for children. Gloria has a "child-like" soul which allows her to play, sing, and dance with children. She believes children are so curious and that curiosity brings her so much joy. Her mother and father were born in Managua, Nicaragua which allowed Gloria to grow up in a Nicaraguan culture at home. Gloria has traveled to Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Peru, Costa Rica and Mexico where she fell in love with the vibrant colors and has brought each country's culture into her classroom. 

Dickmar is Gloria's husband who was also born and raised in the Mission District in San Francisco. He brings diversity into our program and proof that "male" teachers can be gentle, understanding, have patience and much fun towards young children. Dickmar enjoys showing the kids new games and ways to explore their minds. He believes that kids grow and learn in the outside classroom as much as the inside.

Here at Banana Fana Preschool our staff and teachers are passionate about children and their development




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